Why is contextual advertising necessary?

Increase sales of specific goods or services
Increase sales of specific goods or services
Increase repeat sales
Increase company or brand awareness
Express your business quickly and effectively
Get detailed analytics and performance statistics

Contextual advertising is one of the main tools of Internet marketing. This is a quick way to bring customers to the site, increase sales and make yourself known!


List of works:

Bid and Budget Management
Finalization of announcements
Adjustment of advertising campaign strategy
Improving Keyword Query Performance
Improving CTR and Quality Score
Performance analysis and text correction
Add negative keywords
Weekly Performance Report

Service packages OkayCloud

Google Ads allows you to professionally configure and run ads in the most popular search engine and get potential customers to the site.
Google Ads
101,50 $ / в мес
up to 30 products per site
Google Ads + Remarketing
126,87 $ / в мес
up to 30 products per site
What is the difference between contextual advertising and website promotion?
Contextual advertising is a quick attraction of customers to the site in a short time. Search engine promotion is a long process that takes a lot of time.
What is the result of the number of requests / calls planned?
The result of forecasting advertising depends on many factors that affect the target action of the client. There are many such factors, so it is definitely difficult to answer, without preliminary analysis and analytics.
What is a clickthrough rate? What is affected by CTR?
Click Through Ratio (CTR) measures the ratio of clicks on an ad to the number of impressions
How many days does an ad launch take
The launch of contextual advertising takes from 3x to 5 days.
What is contextual advertising?
Contextual advertising - advertisements that are displayed in response to a specific user request in the search engine, as well as on thematic sites that are part of the advertising network.
How do I know about ad performance
We provide reports and analysis of data on the advertising company.